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Aquahelp Foundation

Aquahelp FOUNDATION is an Environmental Educational & Activity foundation. Legally based in USA since 2020, it was created under the auspices of AQUA Yacht Club. Our strategy is oriented towards the identification of pressing environmental-related issues as well as the design and implementation of realistic ecological interventions.

We combine our passion for change with technical background around modern ecological practices. We strive to connect people, organizations & companies with a range of targeted, localized actions for the planet. We also support environmental teams & volunteers, societies and individuals with various needs, aiming to inspire real hope in them and achieve change together.

What We Do

Clean it Like a Greek

We have a dream to make Greece the cleanest country in the world! Embrace this colorful dream and drive your energy towards positive change!


Let’s brainstorm together. Do you have an idea that will make the world a more welcoming place? We are looking forward to hearing from you!

Volunteer Growth

You will have the opportunity to channel your energy to the activities that inspires you the most for a more sustainable environment.


Our ultimate goal is to create a global network that will be able to immediately take action in any kind of environmental need.

With Your Help, We are Making The Greek Dream a Reality

We have a dream to make Greece the cleanest country in the world!

This little part of the world is famous for its beautiful spots, endless history and welcoming residents. Embrace our colourful dream and drive your energy towards positive change!

Dream With us

Our Mission & Approach

We are organizing actions in areas which require our attention. We are cleaning beaches, mountains and forests. We are working towards engaging, encouraging and training children, young people and small societies to care and protect the environment in an efficient and fun way.

We love planet Earth and we want to continue to create the necessary conditions which will allow us to inhabit it in a safe and enjoyable way. Let’s try to protect and care for our home place, be respectful of our ecosystem, protect the animals and appreciate all the gifts given to us by Mother Nature.

Our Team

George Korfias

Foundation President and AQH Co-Founder

Harry Pavlidis

Foundation Vice President and AQH Co-Founder

Antzela Gerekou

Main Ambassador of International Movement of Ecology & Philehellenism ' Clean it Like Greek'

Mary Foti

Head of Communication -- Journalist -- Editor in Chief at Dimokratiki Newspaper

Your Support Helped us to Move Forward and Improve our Environment.


  • ‘Clean it Like Greek’ Growth 38% 38%
  • EcoHero and Volunteers growth 17% 17%
  • Eco Team – Free Equipment Given 47% 47%
  • Organization Growth 25% 25%


  • ‘Clean it Like Greek’ Growth 55% 55%
  • EcoHero and Volunteers growth 38% 38%
  • Eco Team – Free Equipment Given 62% 62%
  • Organization Growth 28% 28%