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Aquahelp Foundation
Aquahelp foundation oriented towards the strengthening of the International Ecology and Philhellenism Movement

Aquahelp Foundation is an Environmental Educational & Activity foundation, founded in 2020, under the auspices of AQUA Yacht Club. Its power team consists of Mr. Giorgos Korfias who is the president and Co-Founder, Mr. Harry Pavlidis who acts as Vice-President and Co-Founder, Mrs. Antzela Gerekou who is the public face of AQUAHELP Foundation in her role as ambassador of the ‘Clean It LIke Greek’ program and Mrs. Mary Foti, in the position of Communication and Public Relations.

Aquahelp defines itself as a foundation oriented towards the strengthening of the International Ecology and Philhellenism Movement. Their philosophy is guided by a strong interest on modern ecological and environmental protection in combination with love for Greece. The connection point between the two values lies in the belief that Greece has the potential to hold a leading position in the environmental protection cause through which the country will also benefit greatly.

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Why ecology
Water is our natural habitat. As founders of the AQUA Yacht Club, we spent more than ⅓ of our daily life at the sea. We know well as to admire and respect the sea because we have met its treasures and experienced its anger too. Nevertheless, the sea was only our starting point. Nature extends further than the sea so we soon realised that we needed to care for the mountains and the forests too. Keeping track with environmental news worldwide it becomes apparent that we simply cannot go on as we used it so AQUAHELP was founded upon this wish to make a change. We want to communicate that mere development without sustainability is not a successful recipe but most of all we wan to urge people to take action on this. We all have a part to play either as active citizens or conscious businesses in protecting the ecosystem, the wildlife and the planet we live and flourish at.

Why now
As the conversation around climate change and its inevitable impact, grows so does our responsibility to develop a greener conscience. It is now, more than ever the time to rethink our previous mindset in relation to our environmental choices and alter our practices for the greater good. The years to come will be crucial and we can no longer depend on a vague ‘later’ point to change our wrongdoings and behaviour. From political actors to everyday people, the time to reflect and re- route our course has come and we have a long way to cover. We know it will be a challenging one but we also hope to make it exciting too. We do need to start walking though.

How we operate
AQUAHELP Foundation implements a very straightforward environmental support strategy. This strategy is implemented via different programs which run on the values of motivation, support and cooperation.

We pursue cooperations with municipalities, local authorities, volunteers and environmental groups in Greece and plan personalised actions that benefit their local areas. These actions have a symbolic character are aimed at encouraging and training people of all ages and communities in making a habit out of caring for the environment in an efficient and creative way.

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